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  Success story of the month

Lisa Larter
Founder and CEO of The Lisa Larter Group

Lisa Larter calls herself the Accidental Expert. As the owner of a mobile phone store she was forced to learn about Facebook. She had no idea that the world of social media was about to give her a life she had always dreamed about. Learn more about Larter’s rise to the top and why the world of social media really-really “likes” her.

  What's New   Mentor Musings

The Doctor is in the house. Meet Lydia Burchell, The Doubt Doctor, a life coach determined to banish the self-limiting fears that may be invading your life and business. We are thrilled that Lydia has joined our Mentors and Advisors team.  Let’s get the positive energy flowing.

Master Mentor Robin Sharma gives you some tips this month that he has shared with some of the top business minds in the world today.  Find out how to “Peak Productivity Fast” with six thought provoking action plans that he has shared with teams from Fortune 500 companies like Starbucks, Coca-Cola and Oracle.

  TurningPoint Tip   In-Credible Coaching Corner

“Your life is Brilliant”.  That’s what life coach Tim Cork has to tell you this month. Read on to find out why he has such faith in you, what you need to do to bring positive changes into your life and why “luck” has nothing to do with success at all.

Metro News We’re pleased to welcome a new member to our website; Marketing Guru Diane Conklin.  Not only does she have tons of advice on how to sell yourself and your business, she also specializes in showing entrepreneurs and small business owners how to get maximum results from your marketing dollars.