Alison Parker

Film Producer and Director

imgAlison Parker used to work at a sandwich shop in Vancouver just down the road from Columbia Academy.

“One day I took off my apron and walked across the street. They convinced me to apply. I went from a high school dropout to Audio Student of the Year in 2002.”

Alison got into the film industry and three years ago became a director. She also adopted a pet ferret named Falcor.  Upset at the way ferrets were being portrayed in the movies she decided to make a short film to challenge the negative stereotypes. Through sheer determination she raised the funds, found sponsors and convinced many of the cast and crew to volunteer their time. “Jake and Jasper, A Ferret Tale” starring Falcor, Connor Stanhope, Andrew Jackson, Blu Mankuma and featuring the music of the Crash Test Dummies is a hit at several international film festivals. Parker is now in pre-production on her first feature length movie.

“I didn’t know it was going to be as big as it was with an all star cast but I knew in my heart I could make it happen. I’m proud to say I turned my life around. It’s never too late.”
Alison’s Advice to Aspiring Filmmakers

Make films on what you know.

Be original.

Be passionate about it. If you love it chances are other people will love it too.

Use social media daily to promote and grow your fan base.

Make a clever, great quality promo to help raise funds.

See Alison’s hilarious and successful fundraising video at