Charmaine Hammond and Toby

Corporate Trainer, Speaker and Best Selling Author

imgWhen Charmaine Hammond and her husband Chris adopted Toby, a five year old Retriever, they had no idea they had acquired a four legged demolition dog with separation issues.  After their home was repeatedly ripped apart it was determined that Toby needed a job. Charmaine enrolled him in pet therapy training and it became a turning point for Toby as he began ministering love and companionship to people with mental illnesses.  Toby had found his purpose.

For five years Toby faithfully looked after Charmaine and Chris, ministered to his patients and visited 10,000 school children to promote literacy and kindness. Charmaine wrote a book about her adventures with Toby and it’s currently in development in Hollywood to be turned into a movie.

Last December Toby passed away peacefully but in his memory Charmaine is launching a new initiative to coincide with February Random Acts of Kindness month.

“Toby impacted people around the world and his mission is so important that we must continue it.”

Toby’s Global Kindness Mission will launch on February 14th – the day of love.  How fitting for a determined dog that left an indelible paw print on everyone’s heart.

To find out more about Toby’s Global Kindness Mission go to


Lessons I Learned from Toby

Perseverance and Commitment.  Toby never gave up.

Hope.  In the most difficult of days hope carries you through.

The power of kindness. I would watch Toby connect with people and it was such a beautiful deep sharing of kindness.

Unconditional acceptance.  He never judged and accepted people for who they were and where they were at that moment.