Fitzroy Gordon

Founder, President, CEO & Station Manager of G98.7 FM in Toronto

imgFitzroy Gordon was nine years old when he bought his first transistor radio in Jamaica. He listened for hours and soon the budding DJ had his own radio station set up in the backyard. For hours he would spin records and interview imaginary guests.

After his family moved to Canada, Gordon got into broadcasting and he realized that the black and Caribbean communities were not being served on the radio in Toronto.

I thought, “I‘m going to step up and make it happen.”

In 1998, Gordon assembled a team and began a thirteen year odyssey to secure a spot on the dial for his radio station.  He had no idea the emotional toll it would take on his life as he lost everything including relationships, his house and car. Gordon battled on and finally after a trip to Parliament Hill and an intervention from the Prime Minister, Fitzroy put G98.7FM on the air in Toronto in November of 2011. Now he plans to build a network across Canada.

“I hope my story will give people strength, resolve and inspiration to fight on because without a fight you can never have victory.”

Bullet points of Success

Dreams never die only the dreamer

The more difficulties you have the more determined you must come

Stumbling blocks are just trials

Nothing comes easy. Perspiration brings Inspiration

Have faith in your dream