Jason Bellaire

Co-Owner StyleHAUS Interiors in Ottawa
TurningPoint: Finding the courage to go back to school in his thirties.

imgUnconventional and a risk taker. That describes Ottawa interior designer Jason Bellaire who says that you have to get past your fear and believe in yourself if you’re going to be successful in business. After struggling with his career in his twenties, Bellaire went back to school at the age of thirty to study interior design and architecture. Jason raised a few eyebrows in the industry when he started his own company six months after graduation. “It was hammered into our heads at school that you had to apprentice for five or six years before going out on your own. I had to overcome my fear and now looking back over the last two years I can’t believe how far I’ve come.”

Jason and his partner Denise Hulaj are the hot new design team taking our nation’s capital by storm with ten projects on the go. He has this advice for people who are thinking about starting their own business. “Plunge into the darkness, ignore the monsters and don’t be afraid to ask for advice.”

A Successful Business Design

Believe in yourself and your talents.
Don’t make the same mistakes twice.
Hang out with other successful people and learn.
Find a mentor and ask lots of questions.
Don’t think that you know it all.  Be humble.