Jeff Klause

Entrepreneur and CEO of Rainy Day Internet in Manitoba

imgIf you’re ever in Times Square in New York look up at all the bright, flashing billboards.   Jeff Klause says he was only 11 years old when he designed the technology that IBM would use to control all the blinking lights. The award winning youth went on to become an entrepreneur manufacturing bunk beds, marketing products at trade shows then moving on to website design and computers.

Now at the age of 36, the CEO of Rainy Day Internet in Manitoba uses a hands on approach that often finds him up a signal tower wearing his hard hat and working alongside his employees.

“I see the future and the potential in things and I surround myself with good people.
It always takes longer to achieve certain goals. Accept the reality in each situation and adjust your goals.”

Jeff Klause is a man of technology and vision but most importantly he has the passion and drive to see his ideas through to the end. “I’m always thinking about the bigger picture. But I also climb towers because people don’t work for me, they work with me.”


Klause’s Thoughts on Entrepreneurialism

Understand what being an Entrepreneur is – 96% of all new businesses will fail in the first year

Be Independently Driven – if you’re not driven from within, you’re not an entrepreneur.

Have Passion and Energy – see something through to the end regardless of the mountains you encounter along the way

Good Team – I surround myself with independent complimentary thinkers

Give back – I’ve been volunteering since I was 13 years old. (Big Brothers and Sisters, The Manitoba Junior Chamber of Commerce and the Duke of Edinburgh Awards)