John MacInnes

Print Audit, President and CEO
TurningPoint: Dad inspires ten year old John to make extra money in business.

imgThe company began as an idea on a crumpled up cocktail napkin and was born in the basement of a Calgary home. Now Print Audit is a multi million dollar business with offices in seven countries around the world.  It’s the brain child of John MacInnes, an entrepreneur who caught the business bug early in life.

MacInnes’ turning point came when he was ten years old and was told he couldn’t have a raise in his allowance. “My Dad showed me there were lots of ways to make money on your own. I would go to my parent’s friends and get all their books.  I’d take them down to used book stores and sell them for a profit. I always had a paper route, I washed windows and painted houses. I had just as much fun as my friends except I had more cash.”

Fast forward fifteen years later to the Christmas party and the crumpled up cocktail napkin. MacInnes was running a computer networking company that was doing well but he was always on the lookout for a good idea. “One of my suppliers told me they had sold some printers to a law firm.  He noticed that they were charging for photo copying but the majority of paper being created was by people pressing print on their work stations.  They were printing more than they were photocopying and it wasn’t being tracked or charged for. I wrote some notes down on the cocktail napkin and it stayed in my mind.  We hired a contract software developer thinking we’d be fabulously wealthy overnight.  But it took us four to five years to get a product that worked and out the door.” 

MacInnes started Print Audit, a company that significantly lowers the cost and impact of printing from a computer. “The recession was good news because people started looking at saving money, the environment and thinking about paper.   “Fortune 500 companies use us…we’re on one million desktops around the world.” 

“We now have fifty-five employees across North America.  We have offices around the world in Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, London, Sydney, Ft. Lauderdale and we just opened up in Paris. “

A Canadian success story that’s good for the environment. John MacInnes’ father would be proud.

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Print Audit by the Numbers

·         190,000 trees saved last year
·         1.5 million installations worldwide
·         $150 million in end-user recaptured costs
·         500 million print jobs redirected to more efficient devices