Ken and Curtis Fielding

Sub Sandwiches, Stock cars and Wine

imgThe accountant was blunt when Ken Fielding told him he was opening up a winery. “Are you mental? Why not just go out and buy a couple cases of wine?” But the one thing the accountant hadn’t taken into consideration was the golden touch of business visionary Ken Fielding.

He got in on the ground floor when Subway Sandwiches started franchising and helped open 237 stores. His son Curtis was racing in the CASCAR circuit but during his off times would work on a farm. When his Dad started talking about a winery Curtis was intrigued. That was six years ago and now Fielding Estate Winery is turning a profit, their wines are winning numerous awards and even the skeptical accountant is impressed.

As Ken prepares to hand the reins of the business over to Curtis he is looking towards the future and creating new ventures.  His advice? “Buy a franchise. You have to stick with it. A lot of people quit too soon.”

From subway sandwiches and stock cars to award winning Canadian wine, Ken and Curtis Fielding have taken the checked flag and are on their way to the winners circle.

Ontario Wine Facts
Source: Grape Growers of Ontario

The Grape and Wine sector generates more than $100 million in wages and salaries

The wine industry generates $533 million in retail sales (2010)

Over 1 million people visit Ontario wineries every year

90% of Ontario’s grapes are grown in the Niagara Peninsula

Over 15 million grape vines are planted in Ontario

Franchise Facts in Canada
Source: Canadian Franchise Association and Franchiseek Canada

Franchising employees over 1 million people in Canada

The Canadian Franchise Industry represents over $100 billion in annual sales

Average franchise fee $23,000

Average franchise investment $160,000      
A Canadian franchise opens ever 2 hours 365 days a year