Ken Fisher

Founder and CEO of Chatters Canada

imgThere’s a lot of buzz on the street about Chatters Hair and Beauty Salons.

“We now have 106 stores from Newfoundland to B.C.”  Founder Ken Fisher tells me proudly.

Growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan, Fisher was influenced by his hard working father who installed a good work ethic in his son. He told him to work hard, do it well and he would be rewarded.

“He was someone that I could confide in. He was an inspirational guy. He did well at what he did and was regarded well in the community.”

The family work ethic was also instilled in Ken’s older sister who became a hairdresser. As a teen he would go into the salon and became intrigued with the business.

“At 17 I left home and got a job selling beauty supplies into the salons in Saskatchewan.  I did that for three years and became a hairdresser when I was 20 years old.”

Fisher’s sister began refilling her customer’s shampoo and conditioner bottles with some of the best product in the business.  What could only be purchased by the “trade” suddenly caught on with the public.  Fisher expanded it further and opened up a group of retail/salons. They were the first ones in North America to come up with the concept.

The early days were hard but rewarding.

“We worked 12-18 hour days and I traveled up to 9,000 kilometres a month visiting stores and stocking shelves at night.”

Fisher says the key to any business is surrounding yourself with the right people. His turning point came when he partnered with Jason Volk and the two pushed Chatters to the next level.

“I don’t think you’ll ever find one individual that took a company over the top. You need to create a great team.”

As he looks at the company he created Fisher is proud yet humbled by his success.

“Wow, 106 stores. Then I think there’s potential for another 106 stores.” 

How’s he going to accomplish his goals?

“You put your head down and go to work. Anticipating what is coming around the corner and determining what to do next have been key to our success. I see Chatters establishing an international presence, so the future is definitely looking bright.”

Styling Success

Have a strong work ethic and passion.
Surround yourself with the right people.
Everything grows and changes. If you sit still you’ll get rolled over.
Anticipate what is coming around the corner then figure out what to do next.