Liis Windischmann

International Model and Businesswoman
TurningPoint: Top model gains weight.

imgThe giant scale stood in the middle of the modeling agency reception area. "No more cranberry muffins for you," the modeling agency executive told Liis wagging his finger in her face. Liis knew that if she wanted to be a model she needed to be skinny but the muffin was all she had eaten that day. Liis left and never went back.

Today, Liis is a successful plus size model and hasn't looked at a scale with fear since. Her modeling has taken her all over the world and now working with the Ben Barry Agency, Liis is inspiring young women to redefine their ideas of size and beauty. "For me it's important to get young girls to look at beauty and media from a difference perspective."

Several years ago three models died due to the effects of malnutrition. Liis says the fashion world has reached a turning point and is slowly realizing the average woman isn't a size four. Liis and the Ben Barry Agency are leading the way.

"We don't want to be just an agency. We want to be agents of change."

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Liis' advice for young models:

1) In diversity there is beauty. You are perfect just as you are.

2) Love your body. Your shape/size is only a limitation if you believe it is.

3) Banish the word "hate" from your vocabulary and never use it
to describe any part of you!

4) Be a voice for change. Tell companies through Twitter, Facebook and
emails that you want to see someone like you in its ads and that you want to see diversity.