Manjit Minhas

CEO Minhas Creek Craft Brewing Co.

imgManjit Minhas’ lemonade stand in Calgary had a revolving sign. The 10 year old entrepreneur and her brother Ravinder would charge the kids in their neighbourhood 25 cents a cup but when an adult would approach their sign switched to 50 cents.

“My mom wasn’t impressed,” Manjit laughs, “but we thought we were really smart.”

By the time they got to University Manjit and her brother had created an in-house brand of spirits for their parent’s liquor store chain and then got into the beer business by creating Mountain Crest Lager.

Their “Buck a Beer” marketing campaign caught fire and the profits started to roll in. In 2006 they bought one of the oldest breweries in the U.S. and became the Youngest Brewery Owners in the World. Five years later their companies posted revenues in excess of $120 million.

“I’m 31 years old I couldn’t really ask for anything else. I have a healthy family, friends and business. We’ve been at this a decade and there have been failures along the way but they are good learning points.”

Now that’s turning the lemons of business into brewery gold.

Manjit Minhas

Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs in Canada
“Top Growth Entrepreneur” award, Profit magazine
Canada’s Women Executive Network Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs
Chatelaine Magazine’s Top Entrepreneur Woman of the Year 2011

Brewing up Success

Believe in your product and have passion for what you do.

Set your Goals. They will provide a vision for yourself and the company.

Keep a tight pocket in the beginning because expenses can go out of control and make or break you.  It’s important to keep a close eye on overhead.

There is no substitute for hard work. Success is not built overnight; it takes lots of hard work and perseverance. 

Your product or service should be flexible for what the market is calling for. Hire outside companies to refocus. It’s remarkable how a little bit of tweaking in product or service can make a difference in the tough times.