Mike Riehm

President and CEO of EnviroBOND
TurningPoint: Publicly embarrassed on National TV he went on to prove the experts wrong.

imgFor 11 months the CBC TV crew followed Mike Riehm as he worked to build his business called EnviroBOND. With his family and friends gathered to watch the debut, a hush filled the room as the host faced the camera and said, “Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Here is an example of what NOT to do. Meet Mike Riehm.”

Portrayed as a hard worker with a good product, the program slammed him for not having a sound business plan. Mike was devastated. His girlfriend left him. “I stared at a wall and cried for three days,” Riehm says. “When you’re going down like that you have two choices; sink or swim.”

Today, ten years later, Mike Riehm has learned some tough lessons but the EnviroBOND products of sand, stone and organic paving materials are now being sold by 150 dealers across North America and are in seven countries around the world. He recently bought a beautiful new home, upgraded his business facility and got engaged to an amazing real estate agent.

Hey CBC; looking for a story on how a successful business is run?  Meet Mike Riehm.

Riehm’s Notes on Surviving a Tough Startup.

Confront the bull by the horns- strive to learn the things that you are afraid to know.
Build a flat workplace where it is ok to tell someone (even the boss) how they can improve their role.
If you chose not to decide, you still have made a choice. Sitting on the fence is still a choice.
You don’t know what you don’t know.  Be aware of your own ignorance.