Paul Griffith

President and CEO of “Over the Edge”

imgFor the last eight years Paul Griffith has been pushing people out of their comfort zone and “Over the Edge”. He couldn’t be happier.

Griffith and his highly skilled team run events where people rappel down tall buildings and raise money for charity. His Halifax based business has become so popular they’ve expanded to the U.S. and have now set a goal to raise 50 million dollars for non-profit organizations in the next 10 years.

“It makes it so much easier to go to work every day knowing you’re making a difference. We’re here to serve and do good things for others.”

Growing up in PEI, Griffith was ten when he asked his parents for new goalie pads.  They told him they would only pay for half so Paul went to a local farm, purchased strawberries for 25 cents a box, loaded up his wagon and sold them to the neighbourhood for one dollar.

“After a week I had enough money for my goalie pads and I officially retired from my first business” he says with a laugh.

Griffith and his team now travels across Canada staging at “Over the Edge” events.  They even challenged people to rappel down Toronto’s City Hall in aid of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“We’ve asked the corporate world to step outside of their comfort zone and go over the edge. When you look at the barriers people face through sickness or disease it’s an easy thing to do.”
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Scaling the Heights of Success

Find something you’re passionate about.  Passion drives ingenuity, energy and that leads to success.

Have fortitude to stick it out in the tough times.  Every “No” you get is an opportunity to gain wisdom.

Assemble a board of advisors. They are a source of wisdom and perspective.

Have an exit strategy and envision what the business will look like when you wind it down or sell it.

Don’t worry too much about money. Create the opportunity and the money will follow if it’s a good idea.