Rosalind Chan

Wilton Cake decorating artist, Teacher and Entrepreneur

imgRosalind Chan is an international superstar in the cake decorating world.

As a new immigrant from Malaysia she gave up a corporate career in Canada to go after her passion for cake artistry full time. To give up her big salary and start her own company was a hard step to take.

“I’d worked all my life and to suddenly not have a salary or a job was nerve-wracking for me.”

Chan went back to Malaysia and started a cake decorating teaching centre that quickly grew to two locations.

“Today we have one of the biggest cake decorating institutes and training centres in Malaysia.”

On the heels of her success she opened her Canadian shop called Sugar Tiers in Markham, ON and was thrilled to be inducted into the Wilton Cake Decorating Hall of Fame.

“I want to expand in Canada and branch out to more countries. I want to share my passion and give back to society by teaching in women’s shelters but my biggest goal is to write my first book.”

For Rosalind Chan, that will be the icing on top of the cake.

Want to get into cake decorating? Rosalind says:

Go to well known and relevant schools
Get an internship and work with the best
Take additional courses to build up your skill level
Social Media - Hit the websites and food blogs to introduce yourself to the market.

Rosalind Chan’s International accomplishments

Wilton Hall of Fame
First Canadian and Asian to become a Certified Master Sugar Artist
First Asian to be recruited onto international Wilton Training Team
First Asian to be awarded International Teacher of the Year Award