Royson Ng

President Samtak Inc.

img“Canada is a goldmine of opportunity,” says Royson Ng from his large corner office at Samtack Inc. Now the award winning entrepreneur and businessman is helping other new immigrants find their turning point in Canada and is showing them by example.

When he first came to Toronto from Malaysia with his wife and young family, Royson was told “You have a degree –so what?” He pumped gas, repaired clocks and worked at Future Shop. Within three months Royson moved into management and eight years later found himself being courted by Sammy Chiu of Samtack Inc. to take his company public.  After Royson’s arrival in the corner office, Samtack’s revenue soared from 20 million a year to over 400 million worldwide. Today 97% of all Samtack employees are new immigrants.

“I tell them, you think you were very good where you came from?  Well, forget it, burn the bridge and move on. Giving money is one thing but I believe that you should also give a part of yourself.  I get a lot of satisfaction from that.”

Giving back to the community and to his adopted country. That’s what makes Royson Ng a Canadian success story.