Sam Bouji

Global Financial Associates Inc., Chairman
TurningPoint: A life changing tragedy propels the businessman on to incredible success.

imgSam Bouji arrived in Canada from Egypt in 1989 with a young family and big hopes for the years ahead. 

“I have a great regard for Canada.  I wanted to build a future for my family and raise my children in a peaceful environment.”

Bouji worked a couple of odd jobs in the beginning and then got into financial services.
Within a few months he became a sales manager and life looked so promising. Suddenly Sam was plunged into despair when he found his four year old daughter unresponsive in a swimming pool. He jumped into the water to save her and started to drown himself. He was unconscious beside his daughter when the paramedics finally arrived on the scene.

“They tried to save me but they couldn’t save my daughter.”

Sam retreated and tried to heal. He was devastated but after reflecting on his life and the tragedy he realized he had to change his life if he were to look after the rest of his family.

“God chose me.  I decided that I would never forget but I knew I had to move forward.”

Sam threw himself into work with a vengeance starting his own sales agency in his basement.

“In 1993 I became the top franchise across Canada.  I put together a huge sales team and we built our own office at Midland and Sheppard.  In 1996-1997 I became a distributor for them and it gave me more autonomy in business.

In 1998 we split with them and I formed the Global Education Marketing Foundation. It became the 21st century investment for education. It took ten years and we now have 100,000 families enrolled.  The market is very difficult to work in the education savings market but I’m a university grad and I wanted to see other people have an opportunity to get an education like I did.”

Over the years Bouji went on to buy seven other companies and today his company services 250,000 clients. But his proudest achievement is the 15,000 young people who have graduated from University and College with no debt.

He has a valuable message for aspiring entrepreneurs who have a dream about starting their business.

“You have to work your plan very hard to achieve what you want.  The people that think they can outsmart and outwork people will not make it. You, yourself have to work very hard and there’s no other choice.  I’m still working 10 hours a day. Every morning I wake up at 6 a.m because I love to come to work.  I tell everyone at my company that if you don’t love to work then hand in your resignation.”

Sam stops and laughs but you can tell that he’s serious about the commitment and hard work it takes to become successful in life.

“I like to see people helping each other and it brings me a lot of joy when I see my employees helping others and making changes in other people’s lives.”

Sam Bouji’s story is a triumph over tragedy and a true testament to the power of the human spirit.

“The older I get the more productive and wiser I become.  I’m not retiring until 2053. That’s the year I turn 100!”


Sam’s thoughts on life and work

Come up with a plan, be patient and always persevere
People that think they can outsmart others in life will not make it.
Help others achieve their goals.
Have a peaceful life.