Sergio Galli

Rock Star, Architect, Designer, Builder

imgHe’s an international rock star, designer, architect and builder.  With so much success, you would expect Sergio Galli would wear his accomplishments like a badge of honour.  But he doesn’t.  Sergio is a down to earth, humble man with a simple message for us all: accept life’s turning points and when things get tough, move on.

“I get over discouragement in life because I know it’s temporary. Some people think it’s forever.  I say, ‘Why waste your time? Get over it’.”

Sergio was 18 when he started his own business building and renting P.A. systems for bands. He ran into Mark Holmes who was looking to put together a new band. Sergio played guitar, Mark found a drummer and within six months Galli and the band hit it big.  Platinum Blonde went on to become one of the top glam-bands of the 80’s.

Hits like “Crying Over You’ and “Situation Critical” rocketed to the top of the charts. As Galli and the boys would roll through the great cities of Europe, he would make the limo drivers stop in front of unique buildings that caught his attention. “I was so into architecture. They used to rib me but they thought it was neat someone could be into something other than music.”

Seven years passed and the band realized they were burnt out and needed a break. Galli wanted to go back to school but was turned down at every University he applied to. Sergio “got over it” bought a couple of properties and began building. His work became noticed in the industry and soon he was building multi-million dollar homes.  Now he has teamed with The Serena Group to build affordable, luxurious villas. Galli is living life on his terms.

Platinum Blonde recently got back together and decided twenty years was enough of a break.  Sergio and Platinum Blonde are now back in the recording studio and are hoping to start touring again next summer.

“You have to enjoy the journey along the way. Nothing happens overnight. Remember to have fun and if you do then success will come.”

Sergio Galli’s keys to life and business

Success. Enjoy the journey and don’t think about the money or the outcome.
Idea.  Come up with a plan and follow through with it.
Attitude.  Be positive and move on from disappointments.
Execution.  Just get out and do it. Be positive.
Fun. Enjoy yourself. If you do, success and money will come.


Platinum Blonde

Formed in 1983
Mark Holmes (vocals), Sergio Galli (guitar), Chris Steffler (drums), Kenny MacLean (bass) (1956-2008)
Standing in the Dark (1984) – Triple Platinum
“Doesn’t Really Matter”
Alien Shores (1985) – Quintuple Platinum
“Situation Critical”, “Crying Over You”, “Somebody Somewhere”
Contact (1987) –Double Platinum
Inducted into the Music and Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame on March 12, 2010

Source: Wikipedia