About Teresa Hergert Kruze

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I got into acting and modeling in my teen years and that led me into the television business.

There weren’t a lot of stations looking for aspiring news and sports broadcasters when I graduated so I took my first job writing commercials for a radio station in High River, Alberta.

On-air jobs at CKPG in Prince George, B.C. and CFCN Calgary followed before I got my big break.  I was asked to host the Canadian Special Olympic Games on Rogers Cable Television.  My co-host was the Calgary reporter for a new station called TSN. The all sports channel was brand new and didn’t have many subscribers but lots of people were talking about it.  “We’ve got the Calgary Olympics coming up in two years and there are so many stories coming out of the city right now that I can’t keep up,” he said.  “Why don’t you send in your resume and see if you can get some work.”  One story turned into two, then came the request for a third. 

Finally TSN asked the big question.  “Can you go into the Calgary Flames locker room and do a post game report?’  Gulp.  I remember shaking and sweating buckets standing outside the door of the Calgary Flames dressing room after the game.  Too nervous to look up, I followed the microphone cable of my cameraman into the locker room.  The cable stopped in front of a pair of naked feet.  I quickly looked up and did an interview with Captain Jim Peplinksi. When that scrum broke up, I followed the microphone cable over to the next pair of naked feet. I looked up and started talking to Lanny McDonald.  A fast trip over to goaltender Mike Vernon’s stall and I was done.  I ran out of the locker room, filed my story and sent it overnight air to Toronto for TSN to air the next day.  The following month I was given a contract and shortly after that I received my official TSN jacket.  I don’t know what I was prouder of, my new job or getting to wear my spiffy TSN jacket to every sporting event in Calgary. (What a ham – but I think you can see the look of extreme joy on my face the day I got “the jacket”)

Teresa Kurze

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