In-Credible People


imgLisa Larter
Founder and CEO of The Lisa Larter Group

Lisa Larter calls herself the Accidental Expert. As the owner of a mobile phone store she was forced to learn about Facebook. She had no idea that the world of social media was about to give her a life she had always dreamed about. Learn more about Larter’s rise to the top and why the world of social media really-really "likes" her.  full Story

imgFitzroy Gordon
Founder, President, CEO & Station Manager of G98.7 FM in Toronto

He started picking weeds in Jamaica when he was nine years old. When he finally saved up enough money there was only one thing he wanted to buy, a transistor radio. Find out how Fitzroy Gordon’s passion for broadcasting and his culture has made a difference for tens of thousands of people.   full Story

imgPaul Griffith
President and CEO of “Over the Edge”

Paul Griffith was only ten when he “retired” from his first business. Today he is CEO of a company that is not only pushing people out of their comfort zone but it is making a big difference for non-profit organizations across North America. Meet Paul Griffith, a man happy to send people “Over The Edge”.   full Story

imgRobert Meggy
President and CEO of the Great Little Box Company

He is a man who knows how to weather economic storms and make them count. Meet Robert Meggy a former accountant who took a floundering box business and grew it grow into a multi million dollar success. Check out his tips on hiring the right employees and why you should protect your ready cash at all times.   full Story

imgManjit Minhas
CEO Minhas Creek Craft Brewing Co.

Manjit Minhas and her brother Ravinder are the youngest Brewery owners in the world. Not bad for two people in their early thirties. Read on to find out how a little business savvy and hard work paid off to put them at the top of their profession.   full Story

imgThomas Grandi and Sara Renner
High performance athletes turned Boutique Hotel owners

They are Olympic and World Cup skiing champions. Find out how Thomas Grandi and Sara Renner applied the techniques they learned on the competitive ski circuit to running their new business and turning it into hospitality gold.   full Story

imgAlison Parker
Film Producer and Director

Do you have an inspiring story to tell? Are you a struggling film maker? Meet Alison Parker whose short film is a hit and who is on her way to making her first feature length movie. Check out Alison’s intriguing story and her tips to finding success in the world of entertainment.   full Story

imgPierre Ferland
International Entrepreneur

Pierre Ferland was born on a farm just outside Quebec City and started his first company at the age of nine. Today, he owns five successful businesses on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten thanks to self discipline and an amazing work ethic. Find out what inspired this entrepreneur and what it takes to become successful abroad.  full Story

imgCynthia and David Enns
Laughing Stock Vineyards

Cynthia and David Enns had a dream and gave up two lucrative financial careers to make it big in the wine industry. Read about their journey to B.C.'s Okanagan Valley where their "Laughing Stock" wines have them chuckling all the way to the bank.  full Story

imgJennifer Broe
Founder and President of Baby Gourmet

It was a business that started out in her kitchen and now Jennifer Broe is heading up an award winning international baby food company. Read how this enterprising "Mompreneur" turned a great idea into retail gold.  full Story

imgCharmaine Hammond and Toby
Corporate Trainer, Speaker and Best Selling Author

Charmaine Hammond didn't know that her trip to the pound to adopt a loveable but misunderstood dog would turn into a life changing journey of discovery. Find out how Toby's story has inspired people all over the world including Hollywood as they get ready to turn his tale into a feature length movie.  full Story

imgJeff Klause
Entrepreneur and CEO of Rainy Day Internet in Manitoba

Some people were just meant to shine and in the case of Jeff Klause, he's as bright as the lights of Times Square in New York – technology he helped to develop when he was 11 years old. Today, Klause is a technological visionary with a timely message for us all on what it takes to become an entrepreneur in today's market.  full Story

imgKen Fisher
Founder and CEO of Chatters Canada

He had an idea and acted on it. Today Ken Fisher has 106 retail and hair salons across Canada with plans to expand internationally. Find out how a hard working farm boy from Saskatchewan became a visionary entrepreneur and changed the way every salon in North America would interact and service their customer base.  full Story

imgMeredith Deasley
Author, Speaker, Pediatric Nutritionist and Teacher

When her toddler became ill, Meredith Deasley knew she had to find the answer the doctors were missing. Reading every book she could get her hands on, the young mother zeroed in on food sensitivities and soon not only healed her daughter but is inspiring other Moms to learn about the effects certain foods have on their children.  full Story

imgSergio Galli
Rock Star, Architect, Designer, Builder

Sergio Galli and 1980's glam band Platinum Blonde rocked the world with their hits "Crying Over You" and "Situation Critical". What do you do when your band breaks up? Galli went back to his entrepreneurial roots and began designing multi million dollar houses. Find out what is next for the rocker/designer.  full Story

imgJim Pattison
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer The Jim Pattison Group

Superstar entrepreneur Jim Pattison grew up in poverty. With big plans for the future Pattison got into cars, bought a dealership and over the years created Canada's third largest private company. Check out what the multi billionaire has to say about surviving in a challenging economy and what his top ten tips are for doing business in a downturn.  full Story

imgRoyson Ng
President Samtak Inc.

Royson Ng came to Canada with his young family well educated and ready to go to work. When he couldn't find a job he pumped gas, did repairs and worked his way up the technology ladder. Today the award winning entrepreneur is helping other new immigrants find their way in a country he calls a "Goldmine of Opportunity".  full Story

imgRosalind Chan
Wilton Cake decorating artist, Teacher and Entrepreneur

Rosalind Chan is a cake decorating superstar. Her mother taught her the basics and Chan went on to unbelievable success in Canada and Malaysia. Find out what inspires this "sugar artist" and the plans this award winning entrepreneur has to take her business and talent to a new level of achievement.  full Story

imgKen and Curtis Fielding
Sub Sandwiches, Stock cars and Wine

Ken Fielding has the golden touch when it comes to finding an opportunity and turning it into solid gold success. Find out how a sub sandwich led the Fielding family into stockcar racing and award winning wine.  full Story

imgEllen Campbell
President, CEO and Founder of the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness

Ellen Campbell has a passion for life and for raising awareness about Abuse. A childhood sexual abuse survivor, Campbell overcame depression and thoughts of suicide to found one of Canada's largest charities that deals with abuse by helping survivors and educating the public.  full Story

imgSam Bouji
Global Financial Associates Inc., Chairman

He came to Canada with a young family and a dream in 1989. One year later he was plunged into the depths of despair when he suffered an unspeakable tragedy. Sam Bouji came back more determined than ever to succeed in life and business. Today he is the CEO of one of Canada's most successful financial services companies and has a compelling and inspiring story to tell.  full Story

imgLisa Airst
"TurningPoint New You Makeover Contest" Winner

Recovering from breast cancer, Lisa Airst wrote to our contest in Metro News and told us why she needed a career makeover. After winning the contest and receiving $10,000 worth of prizes and career coaching, Lisa worked hard over the next ten months to transform herself and her life. Read about her fascinating journey to health and success.  full Story

imgBetty Ford
Octogenarian Sales Dynamo

She had a Grade Nine education and was a newly divorced mother with children to feed. Betty Ford went back to work and hasn't stopped since. Read about this fascinating woman's story and her views on life, work and health as she enters her eighth decade of life.  full Story

imgFrank Heaps
Entrepreneur, property developer and "spirited" visionary

Frank Heaps job took him around the world as a land development planner. It was during his travels that he realized Canada deserved a better beer than what was being offered by the big brewing companies.  Heaps changed his career, mortgaged his home and changed the way Canadians enjoy their beer forever.   full Story

imgMike Riehm
President and CEO of EnviroBOND

Mike Riehm thought he was doing everything right as he started his new business but a TV show painfully pointed out just how wrong his plan was. Mike Riehm swallowed his pride and turned EnviroBOND into a profitable enterprise with its products are now sold around the world.   full Story

imgTed Reader
Award winning chef, author and food entertainer

TurningPoint: The realization he was desperately unhappy in his work.

Six years ago Ted Reader looked like he had it all; a fantastic career, great marriage and a successful business. But the 'King of the Q' says he was unhappy, angry, bitter and over weight. This month read about how Ted turned his life around and is now more successful than ever.  full Story

imgAlex Stuart
Global Wind Group Founding partner

It started with an idea and quickly grew into an international company. Alex Stuart is the inspiration behind Global Wind Group in Winnipeg and his ideas are now gaining "power" around the world. Stuart tells all entrepreneurs that the key to success is sometimes found right outside your own window.  full Story

imgSami Khoreibi
President and CEO of Enviromena Power Systems

He's soaring with solar energy. Sami Khoreibi has been in business since the age of six and now the accomplished businessman from Toronto is leading the way in the Middle East in renewable energy. Find out what "powers" Sami Khoreibi as a successful entrepreneur.  full Story

imgJason Bellaire
Co-Owner StyleHAUS Interiors in Ottawa

Business is a world set in structure and rules. Jason Bellaire dared to challenge the "establishment" and now is living the dream of a successful businessman in Ottawa. Bellaire will be the first one to tell you that you need to take some risks if you want to become a successful entrepreneur.  full Story

imgSherry Abbott
Executive Director of the Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association

She's dynamic, a woman of action and a cancer survivor. Sherry Abbott was told she had three months to live but now, twenty one years later, Abbott is an inspiration to everyone she meets as she works with other cancer survivors to "Look Good and Feel Better" . Read about Sherry Abbott's determination and incredible life story that led her to help others overcome the tough turning points in life.   full Story

imgKyle Braatz
Netgen Co-Founder & CEO

Kyle Braatz of Ottawa has accomplished more in a few years than many of us do in a lifetime. At the age of twenty-six Braatz has been instrumental in starting three companies and is currently working on a fourth.  Read about Kyle’s inspiration and what drives him to succeed.  full Story

imgLiis Windischmann
International Model and Businesswoman

A struggle with the scale changed Windischmann's outlook on the modeling world and now as a plus size model she is inspiring woman and girls of all sizes to redefine their image of beauty.  full Story

imgLaToya Rodney
Motivational Speaker, Social Worker, Singer, Rap Artist, Dancer and Actress

Life was tough for LaToya Rodney growing up on the mean streets of Toronto. Crime and violence seemed to follow her and she soon found herself in jail. After serving her time she seemed destined to return to a life of crime until she was inspired to turn her life around. Read about LaToya's journey and how she's changing the lives of others.  full Story

imgJeff Collins
K-9 Orthotics and Prosthetics Inc., CEO and President

A devastating motorcycle accident changed Jeff Collins' life and career forever. Unable to find a proper fitting prosthetic for his damaged leg, he learned how to build them himself. Over the years Collins has helped adults, children and animals have better mobility. Collins had no idea the technology he perfected for dogs would become a turning point in veterinary care.  full Story

imgJohn MacInnes
Print Audit, President and CEO

The idea was born on a cocktail napkin, created in a Calgary basement and has now grown to become an international success with offices around the world.  Meet John MacInnes who got his entrepreneurial start early in life – all because his Dad wouldn’t give him a raise in his allowance.  full Story

imgPete Luckett
Pete's Frootique Founder and CEO

He is an award winning businessman, entrepreneur and media personality whose personality and charming English accent only compliment his outstanding accomplishments. Read about Pete Luckett's amazing rise from a single fruit stand to one of Eastern Canada's most loved produce chains.  full Story

imgThe Flying Dragon Bookshop
Nina McCreath and Cathy Francis

The banks wouldn't give them a start up loan so they found another way to open the doors at the Flying Dragon Bookshop in Toronto. Meet Nina McCreath and Cathy Francis whose hard work and determination turned their dream of owning a small business into reality.  full Story

imgAnthony Lacavera
Globalive and WIND Mobile Chairman

He was a man with a vision and the guts to take on the big guys in the wireless communications world.  Read about Anthony Lacavera’s dinner meeting in Cairo that not only marked a turning point for his company but for every wireless customer in Canada.  full Story

imgBrian Titus
President Garrison Brewing Company

He served our country proudly in the Navy. Now he's serving up his passion – beer. Brian Titus has become one of Nova Scotia's most successful entrepreneurs. Read about his transformation from bomb diffuser to beer brewer.  full Story

imgDarren Weir
World Traveler

As senior producer at one of Canada's top all news stations Darren Weir looked like he had it all. But the end of a twenty-three year relationship and a milestone birthday convinced Darren it was time to do something different and travel around the world.  full Story

imgMichelle Cameron
Olympic Gold Medal Winning Swimmer

She almost drowned – twice. Through the efforts of her determined mother, Michelle Cameron conquered her aversion of water and turned her fears into Olympic Gold. Read about Canada's Golden Girl in and out of the water.  full Story

imgRenee Barda
Professional Singer

Love, marriage and family was a choice Renee Barda made early in life when she gave up a promising singing career. Now she's back on stage enchanting people with her voice and story and telling others it's never too late to start a second career.  full Story

imgIngrid Laederach Steven
Owner of Swiss-Master Chocolatier

Damaged vocal chords ended Ingrid’s dream of becoming a professional singer in her teens then she had a heart attack at the age of twenty-one while in an airplane. Today she is the owner of a successful chocolate shop that is popular with Hollywood actors, singers, celebrities and even astronauts.  full Story

img Lia Grimanis
Up With Women Founder and Chairperson

From homeless teen to successful businesswoman, Lia quit her high paying job to give back to the community. She is now helping women and children forced to live in shelters re-build their lives. She also races motorcycles, hang glides and feeds sharks.  full Story

img Brian Scudamore
Founder and CEO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?
TurningPoint: A trip to McDonalds.

About to drop out of university, Scudamore went to a drive though at McDonalds to grab some lunch.  He spotted a junk removal truck and got an idea for a company.
1-800-Got-Junk made over 300 million dollars in 2007.  full Story

imgRobin Sharma
World renowned Author and Leadership Advisor

A successful lawyer, Robin gave everything up to become a struggling author. After meeting the President of a publishing company in a book store, Sharma went on to become one the world’s leading authorities on leadership and achieving Greatness in life.  full Story

imgEvan Chrapko
Software and Biofuel Entrepreneur

Growing up on a farm in Two Hills, Alberta was a lesson in life for Evan Chrapko, especially meeting the hunters that would come to their land in the fall. Read about the man who came to dinner and put Chrapko on the path to ìmillionsî of ideas and money.  full Story