Michelle Cameron

Olympic Gold Medal Winning Swimmer
TurningPoint: Overcoming her fear of drowning.

img“I almost drowned twice as a child.” You don’t expect to hear those words from an Olympic Gold medal winning synchronized swimmer. Learning to conquer her fear of water was a turning point for Michelle Cameron.

In 1988 she found herself at the Olympics in Seoul, South Korea with her duet partner Carolyn Waldo.  The last person she locked eyes with before she began her routine was her mother. “She was the reason I made it to the Olympics. She was so determined I would swim.” As Michelle dove into the water the old, crippling feelings of fear washed over her.  Then she said, “Just let it go.”

Michelle and Carolyn would need to swim the routine of their lives to get past the American team and they delivered. They exited the pool to thunderous applause with Canadian flags waving frantically in the stands. “Canada Number 1” flashed on the screen and the crowd exploded with cheers.  The scared, little girl from Calgary who had overcome the horror and panic of a lifelong aversion for water was now a woman who had conquered her fears. 

Michelle accomplished a lot more than a gold medal that day. She is now a wife, proud mother of four children and is enjoying life in Calgary. She recently launched a charitable fund called “Inspiring Possibilities” that will give parents financial support and encouragement to keep their children active in sports. She’s also writing a book called, “Sink, Swim or Float.” It’s all about conquering your fears and learning to jump into the deep end of the pool.  Just like life.