Robin Sharma

World renowned Author and Leadership Advisor
TurningPoint: Book store meeting

img“Life and luck favour the devoted.”  Robin Sharma, International best selling author and Leadership Advisor has experienced both but it is the devotion to his goals that have put him at the top of his game. Early in his career it looked like Robin had it all.   He had a beautiful family and was a successful litigation lawyer with two law degrees proudly hanging on his office wall.  But Robin wasn’t happy.  “I would wake up every morning and feel like a hollow man.  I felt like I was living someone else’s life.”  He started reading and looking for inspiration.

He found himself writing about what he had learned and soon his first book “Mega Living” began to take shape. His early literary efforts were edited on his Mom’s kitchen table and published at the neighbourhood Kinkos.  His second book came together quickly and Robin began selling “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” to area bookstores.  Once it was on the shelf he would spend hours in the store promoting his book and talking to people.  The hours were long and not everyone wanted to meet Robin.  But he wouldn’t give up. Then one day “Luck” walked up to Robin.  The well dressed man looked at “The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari” and then turned to Robin. “That’s an interesting title,” he said, “tell me about your book.”  Robin launched into his story passionately telling him about his personal journey from lawyer to self published author.  When he was finished, the man reached into his coat pocket and handed Robin his card.  “I’m the President of Harper Collins.  Give me a call tomorrow.”  That chance meeting was a TurningPoint in Robin Sharma’s life and it literally changed the trajectory of his life.  Today, his ten books are international best sellers, have been published in over 70 languages and he is a world renowned leadership advisor and speaker.

Robin tells people it’s never too late to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.  He also tells people to think outside the box. “If people don’t laugh at you at least once in seven days, you’re probably not pushing the envelope far enough. They laughed at bottled water, putting a man on the moon and the idea of the Blackberry.” Did people snicker at Robin or at least raise an eyebrow when he gave up his high paying job as a lawyer to pursue his dream?  Maybe.  But now Robin is living the life he wants – on his terms.  Every month he jets around the world advising CEO’s, Fortune 500 companies and talking to people like you and me about leadership and finding the “greatness” in your life.  He’s living his dream.  Look who’s laughing now.