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We want to hear from you!  Are you someone who has come to a significant point in your life and have gone on to success?  Have you been fired from your job, overcome tragedy or a serious accident and have gone on to rebuild your life?

Please share your story.  Who has inspired you?  Maybe you have a friend, a relative or know someone who has an amazing story that will inspire others.  Fill out the form below to have your story posted.

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Example #1:  Hi Teresa. I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself.  I was the CEO of a family owned paint and hardware company that had 10 stores. For twenty years I nurtured the company and was poised to expand the franchise.  The oldest son of the family that owned the chain recently graduated from college and decided he would take over from me and I soon found myself unemployed and extremely bitter.  I decided I would make the family pay for their shortsightedness and I spent a lot of time and money with lawyers getting ready to sue.  Finally cooler heads prevailed and I decided to re-invest my energy into something more worthwhile.  I started my own hardware company and now I’m owner of a multi billion dollar franchise with stores around the world.  Getting fired was a turning point in my life but it definitely turned out for the better.

Example #2:  Hi Teresa. I believe in Turning Points in life and so does my Aunt.  In 1996 she was a successful businesswoman until a serious car accident left her a paraplegic. She was devastated but soon realized she finally had time to do the things she had always wanted to try.  She began painting and discovered she really had a knack for it. Next week her first Art Show and sale will be held in New York.  When not flying around the world and painting, she teaches art classes to other handicapped people.  She's a real inspiration to her students and to her family!