Leverage Media Insider Secrets to

Unlock the Power of Your Message

In today’s competitive marketplace, you need to be able to communicate quickly and effectively to stand out amongst your peers.

I'll work with you to master the art of powerful communications, so that you can build strong partnerships, inspire others to take action, and achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

Teresa Kruze

"Being interviewed live by the media can be nerve wracking - anything can happen and you only have one shot. 

Thanks to Teresa's coaching, not only have I been able to successfully pitch media outlets across Canada, I've gone into every interview feeling confident and prepared to share my message with their audiences. 

As my media presence grows, there is no one I want in my corner more than Teresa Kruze!"

Allison Graham

Author, Speaker
Expert on Personal Capacity Design and Stress Reduction

Communicate Your Message On-Air or On-Stage

Like a Pro

Service Offering:
On-Camera Presence Training and Media-Readiness Training
Teresa Kruze has decades of experience helping professionals connect through the camera lens and in-person. Attention spans are shorter now and people are distracted easily.

When you present yourself professionally on camera, it shows you take your work seriously and that you value professionalism and attention to detail.

Teresa’s on-camera training can also help you get ready for a television morning show, newscast interview, or radio talk show.

Craft Messaging and Media Pitches That 

Get You Noticed

Service Offering: Media Strategy
Television, radio, and print interviews can turn into marketing superstars for you and your company. They can be used on your website or featured on your social media platforms.

Teresa has worked with some of the best decision makers in the media industry for over twenty years and she knows who gets booked on a morning show or newscast and who doesn’t.

Kruze and MediaPro can offer you guidance, strategy, and insider information to get you booked and recognized as a Thought Leader in your industry.

Produce Videos That Stand Above Your Competitors to

Reach Your Audience

Service Offering: Video Production
Anyone can produce a video these days, but it takes vision and creative technique to design and construct something which will capture and hold the attention of your target audience. With decades of experience in front of the camera and behind it, Teresa is the ultimate secret weapon to elevate the quality of your videos.
MediaPro and Impakt Productions provide:
Company and branding videos
Social media videos
Live event production
Interactive TV-Style virtual event production

Our clients achieve the following benefits:

Enhanced Credibility

Professionally produced videos will establish your credibility and expertise within your industry making it easier for potential clients to trust and choose you and your business.

Effective Brand Storytelling

Professionally produced videos will tell your story more effectively making it easter for clients to understand your service offerings and connect with you and your brand on an emotional level.

Advanced SEO

Videos can improve your Search Engine Optimization by increasing the time your potential client stays on your website and the number of shares and backlinks to your informative content.

Increased Engagement

Videos done well offer a more interactive experience for viewers. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

Improved Reach

Videos are highly shareable and can help increase your social media reach and engagement, leading to increased brand awareness and exposure.

Increased Conversions

Videos can be a powerful tool in the sales process, giving clients a sense of urgency to take action leading to increased engagement, credibility and finalized contracts.
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