Television Series


Producer/Talk Show Host, YesTV/CTS-TV


Executive Producer/Host,
The Biography Channel


Producer/Host Weekly Talk show, CKPG


Producer/Reporter Magazine Show, TSN
  • Playing Games – Women Sports Executives
  • The Little Red Book – The Harvey Pennick Story
  • His Father’s Son – The Jacques Villeneuve Story
  • The Quarterback Factory

Documentaries and Specials


Executive Producer/Writer/Director, OMNI-TV


Writer/producer/Host, TSN


Writer/Producer/Reporter, TSN

The Carolyn Waldo Story

Writer/Producer/Host, TSN

The Calgary Stampede

Writer/Producer/Host, TSN
Nominated for Yorkton Film Festival Award


Writer/Producer, Sunrise Studios


Writer/Producer/Host, CKPG
Canadian Country Music Award Winner


Writer/Producer/Host ,Roger’s Cable Ten Calgary Cable industry Award Winner

A Sample of MediaPro and
Impakt Productions' Virtual Events

Click each event title for a summary.
World Record Cooking Class
The Great Resistance Global Symposium
Brookfield Holiday Party
Brookfield Virtual Speaker Series
Brookfield Earth Day Event
Summer Networking Bash
Together We Stand Donor Events
We Love You A Brunch, Mom
World Record Cooking Class
Teresa Kruze produced and emceed the event in partnership with The Chef Upstairs and EJSE Entertainment. Together we set a World Record on Family Day, February 15th, 2021 with over 2,000 people participating in eight Countries as they cooked their family an Italian themed dinner. Kruze organized Live studio feeds from Toronto, England and Italy featuring several chefs and John Catucci from the Food Network added some comedic charm and his cooking skills to the event.
The Great Resistance Global Symposium
Producer Teresa Kruze gathered Thought Leaders from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and New Zealand for this Global Symposium that discussed how the world can move forward in a workplace environment which has completely shifted due to the pandemic.

Kruze, Impakt Productions and EJSE Entertainment produced the event providing the virtual organization of speakers from five countries and the engagement of business and HR professionals around the world.
Brookfield Holiday Party
Teresa Kruze joined live event producer Heller Productions and EJSE Entertainment to provide production services for a Brookfield Christmas client celebration.

Pulling together a television production crew and studio with minimal staff due to pandemic lockdown protocols, the program was delivered in a TV-Style format involving a live emcee, cooking class (food and preparations delivered to the clients’ homes) and live virtual performances of singers from Los Angeles and Toronto.
Brookfield Virtual Speaker Series
Impakt, Heller Productions and EJSE Entertainment were invited back by Brookfield to produce two live Earth Day Events in 2021. As part of Brookfield’s Virtual Speaker Series, Teresa Kruze acted as Producer and emcee of the two virtual broadcasts coordinating all broadcast aspects of the two virtual events.

Together We Will Restore Our Earth was a live virtual speaking event featuring David Katz, Founder of The Plastic Bank and Julie Angus, scientist and best-selling author who became the first woman to row a boat across the Atlantic Ocean.
Brookfield Earth Day Event
Relaxed pandemic protocols allowed Teresa and Impakt Productions to engage a renowned cameraperson who was able to flood the screen with glorious blooms and flowers from Kate’s Garden.

The result was a virtual feast for the senses as Kate Seaver led the group of Brookfield clients through the art of container gardening. Each client had received the components of the box beforehand and at the end of the Earth Day event were able to feature and enjoy a beautiful Herb Box in their home.
Summer Networking Bash
Impakt Productions teamed up with entrepreneur Jennifer Beale to turn her highly successful live event into a pandemic lockdown interactive showcase.

Kruze, Impakt Productions and EJSE Entertainment supplied production services to coordinate speakers from across the country and broadcast the day virtually from a studio located in Toronto.
Together We Stand Donor Appreciation Events
Impakt Productions and Teresa Kruze worked closely with this non-profit group that provided aid and support to Canada’s Military Families.

We were able to produce two highly successful virtual events honouring the Military and the corporate partners who support them with financial aid.

The TV-Style productions featured packaged video inserts honouring Canada’s Military and their efforts around the world, TWS’s support of Canadian Military families and featured virtual speakers from across Canada culminating in a fast paced, informative, and heartfelt tribute.
We Love You a Brunch, Mom
Produced in partnership with Abuse Hurts, The Chef Upstairs, and EJSE Entertainment, Impakt Productions put together a Mother’s Day event for families while raising much needed donations for the charity.

The program included numerous cook-along segments with Chef Julian Pancer, the antics of mascot Huggum Bear trying to cook his Mom breakfast and a live performance of “The June Gypsies”.

In Development

The Livingston Legacy

Sam Livingston is one of Calgary, Alberta’s first settlers and is regarded as a trailblazing pioneer.

In the 1848, Samuel Henry Harkwood Livingston sailed from Ireland to North America to become a prospector, trader, and farmer. Along with his wife Jane and their fourteen children, he pioneered agricultural development in the west becoming the founding director of the Canadian North-West Territories Stock Association, the Calgary District Agricultural Society, and the Glenmore School District.

Today, a school and fish hatchery honour the memory and accomplishments of the remarkable pioneer. Livingston’s house has a special place in Heritage Park and a nine-foot-tall bronze bust of Sam greets travelers in the arrivals level of the Calgary Airport.


Documentary, Book, Feature Film
Mary Pomeroy smashed the chains of tradition binding women in the early Twentieth Century daring to live a life of enterprising adventure on her own terms. She was a trendsetting pioneer, entrepreneur, pilot, and World War II spy who defied death several times during her 77 years of life. 

The sweeping saga of Pomeroy’s journey encompasses Europe and the Caribbean where her courage and tenacity allowed her to fuel her ambition and desire for adventure. Mary disappeared almost 30 years ago, but her incredible story lives on today through tales told by the people she left behind.
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